how do introverts enjoy life?

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Like many others, I am an introvert. I discovered this when I was younger when all my friends wanted to party in clubs and I just wanted to go the theaters and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Sir Isaac Newton, perhaps the most famous introverts of all-time.

The main difference between me and extroverts is that alone time energizes me and allows me to feel rejuvenated. This is why I like reading so much.

Here are some activities that I enjoy to do every day.

1. Reading.

Visit Ben’s blog for great book recommendations.

2. Writing.

My blog

3. Going for a walk

4. Lifting heavy weights at the gym

5. Listening to music, especially deep house.

6. Hiking

7. Going for coffee alone

8. Cooking

9. Watching an old black and white movie

Sunset Boulevard, my favourite movie of all-time.

10. Browsing questions and answers on Quora.


Bonus 11. Look at beautiful art.

Caspar David FriedrichWanderer above the Sea of Fog, 1818

Probably my favorite painting.

I hope this helps!

In health,


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